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Design, supply, install and maintenance

  • Fire Detection
  • Gas Protection
  • Evacuation Systems & PA Emergency Communications
  • Building Management Access Control Asset Monitoring and Tracking Security
  • CCTV and MATV

We source and procure specialist products on individual products

Why Choose Us

It is the vision and intent of Manyene to bring quality of service and high-level management involvement back to an industry, which sadly, has been given a very low priority over recent times. That’s why at Manyene we are committed to solving our customer’s needs in a way that meets or exceeds their every expectation.

In many ways Manyene’s approach is unique in our industry, our relationships with customers are consultative in nature, allowing our engineers to evaluate the requirements, perform an analysis and recommend solutions to meet the direct needs of the company. To achieve this vision, we have concentrated in bringing to our organisation a level of personnel, who are vastly experienced, well respected and professional and have a longterm outlook for our industry. Staff development and training is very important to us and staff are all SAQCC registered and/or trained. In addition, we provide training through certification programmes offered by our suppliers and distributors, most of whom we share a partnering type relationship with

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